Pruning to Restore Your Tree

Pruning to Restore.

Restoration is the selective removal of branches, sprouts, and stubs from trees and shrubs that have been topped, severely headed, vandalized, lion-tailed, broken in a storm, or otherwise damaged. The goal of restoration is to improve a tree or shrub’s structure, form, or appearance.

Removing Some Sprouts and Shorten Others.

On trees with many sprouts originated at the tips of the branches, one to three sprouts on main branch stubs are selected to become permanent branches and to re-form a more natural-appearing crown. To accomplish this objective, consider shortening some sprouts, removing others, and leaving some untouched. Some vigorous sprouts that will remain as branches may need to be shortened to control growth and ensure adequate attachment for the size of the sprout. Lion-tailed trees can be restored by allowing sprouts to develop along the interior portion of limbs for one to three years depending on size, age, and condition of the tree. Then remove and shorten some of the sprouts along the entire length of the limbs, so they are evenly distributed and spaced apart. Restoration usually requires pruning your trees several times a year.

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