The Seven Tree Pruning Objectives:

  • Reduce Risk of Failure
  • Provide Clearance
  • Reduce Shade and Wind resistance
  • Maintain Health
  • Influence Flowers of Fruit Production
  • Improve a View
  • Improve Aesthetics

Why Properly Pruning is critical to tree health.

When Pruning is properly executed, a variety of benefits are derived. Benefits include reduced risk to branch and steam breakage, better clearance for vehicles and pedestrians, improved health and appearance, enhanced view, and increased flowing. When improperly performed, pruning can harm the tree's health, stablization, and appearance. Several consequences occur when pruning is not performed at all. These consequences include development of low limbs; weak codominant stem; defects such as included bark; and accumulation of dead branches. Formation of codominant stems and defects such as included bark can lead to increased risk of breakage.

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