Sunnyvale Commercial Tree Care Project

Sunnyvale Tree Care Project completed.

The bided project was to trimmed six small tree, trimmed nine large tree, removed one very small tree. Also removed all the site waste, including a preexisting pile of leaves

They had to reschedule the initial appointment, but did so courteously. Initially, two guys came out to survey the place, including Henry. He was as perplexed as I as to the type of tree the big one was, but guessed pecan, which he later verified. Henry provide options and sharing his commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Some hours later, the proposal arrived via email, including the Angie's discount, plus a package deal for all trees and removing the leaves; originally I'd only asked about the one big tree. The package made the price quite good I thought - and it was their idea.

The team came out to do the trimming, and all was done pretty quickly. Both the original 'sales' guys returned to verify the work and providing quality assurance. This team is hungry for large commercial project and back it up with world class service.

All told, I'm very pleased.