South Bay Tree Care Project

A South Bay Tree Care Project experience.

Johnson's Tree Care Team cut down and removed three privet trees, ground down two large remaining privet tree stumps, removed and disposed of remaining branches and tree debris, cleaned up property after service.

Fantastic!  In three words - Professional, punctual, and polite!

I worked through Henry Vargas, who initially came out to review the trees that needed to be removed and ultimately provided me with the proposal.  Polite and knowledgeable, he had assessed that a permit would be needed and as a curtesy went ahead and notified PGE for me (I did not know that this is also a requirement to ensure safety) . Right off the start I was impressed !  I like to do things correctly, safely and meet the requirements of the city.  Once contracted, he informed me what time he and his team would be expected and that he would be present during the job to oversee and manage the execution - and they came as promised and on time.

They worked effectively, efficiently and left the property clean of debris.  They were also extremely careful and made sure not to interfere or impact my neighbors.  Keep up the great work!