Milpitas Tree Care Project

Milpitas Tree Care Project completed.

Johnson Tree Care team came out for an estimate at the appointed time. Provided an estimate within 2 days. Major task was to severely, but judiciously, trim my large  bushes, cut back a monster 50+ year old avocado tree in the back yard that impinged on neighbor's properties, had heavy limbs over my roof, and threatened the power lines. Removed an unproductive Apricot tree, trimmed a fig tree away from the house, trimmed and shaped a venerable old crape myrtle, trimmed and shaped an arbutus unedo, and used a weed whacker with a metal blade to clean up some horrible shrub stuff that infected my yard. I chose not to have the stump grinding (it was available) because they warned that the heavy machine could incidentally damage the watering system and lighting.

A good experience, and I was glad to use a local business. Agains the team arrived in the expected time frame - between 8:30 and 9. Henry, the original estimator, introduced the team - a foreman and three others (he left on other business, but returned to supervise the final details). They had all their gear ready and they brought an appropriately sized (big) chipper/shredder. The team was hard working and well organized - working together, in tandem, or independently. Considering the size of the job, it was done much sooner than I expected! Henry returned to review the work and accept payment. I asked them to cut the fig back quite a bit more and they quickly complied.

My awful avocado is now a respectable specimen, properly cleaned and trimmed so that the wind can blow through. We talked about how to maintain this tree in the future.

The trimming on the arbutus met the objective of keeping it clear of my house and the neighbors'. The shape is improved and I think full balance will be reached over time as the tree grows taller and can spread a bit more.

The fig is cut back and pruned and I think it will grow forward (away from the house) as planned now that the apricot is gone. The crape myrtle was cleaned out and balanced just as I hoped. I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom in the late summer!