Safety First

At Johnson's Tree Care Inc safety first is our number one priority.

Tree work includes trimming, pruning, felling, and removal of trees and bushes. It involves climbing trees, using portable ladders, working at heights while using hand and portable power tools, working near energized overhead or downed power lines, feeding chippers, and other hazardous operations.

Johnson Tree care adheres to Cal/OSHA Requirements.

How we approach Safety and Health.

We properly use and maintenance:

Safety equipment such as harnesses, belts, tree saddles, ropes, and lanyards. Inspect safety equipment before each use and immediately withdraw from service if found defective or damaged.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, face shields, safety glasses, shoes, gloves, high visibility clothing, and hearing protection.

Equipment and tools such as chippers, pole pruners, trimmers, and chain saws.

We conduct initial job site inspection and perform daily hazard assessments before the start of each work day to identify all existing hazards and other potentially dangerous conditions.

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