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Pruning to Restore Your Tree

Pruning to Restore. Restoration is the selective removal of branches, sprouts, and stubs from trees and shrubs that have been topped, severely headed, vandalized, lion tailed, broken in a storm, or otherwise damaged. The goal of restoration is to improve a tree or shrub's structure, form, or appearance. Removing Some Sprouts and Shorten Others. On…
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Exceptional Customer Service

How Johnson's Tree Care Inc. delivers exceptional customer service. Customers expect to be served by the right team of tree care professionals, regardless of service line or geography. It is not enough to be arboricultural excellent — our clients want professional service providers who are connected to their business, responsive to their needs and insightful…
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Structural Pruning

The Objective of Structural Pruning. Young trees should be pruned to guide growth so their crowns clear traffic, signs, and buildings while ensuring that they develop strong structure. Established trees in urban landscapes should be pruned primarily to reduce risk, preserve a tree structure that boosts amenity values, provide clearance, and improve the aesthetic value…
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Tree Support Systems (Cabling, Bracing, and Guying)

Tree Support System Tree support systems are used to provide supplemental support to leaders, individual branches, and/or entire trees.. Cabling. Cabling restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. Installed across a weak crotch, they will greatly reduce the risk of failure. Bracing. Cabling restrict the distance that branches can move…
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